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In 1983, Donny Deutsch joined his small advertising company in New York City, while his father was considering selling the company to his age, but little Donny Deutsch succeeded in persuading his father to turn a blind eye, leaving the company to his little rebellious son to run in the way that The son wants her. Today’s Donny Deutsch customers list includes major companies such as Johnson, Novartis, Pfizer Inc, Mitsubishi and IKEA, as well as Bill Clinton’s campaign for the US presidential nomination in 1992. Donny Deutsch sold the company in 2000 for nearly $300 million, Management. Donny Deutsch directed his attention to filmmaking by creating a production company. He also presented his own television program on CNBC, the great idea, and a book devoted to business promotion, which he tried to put his experience in for two decades. Advertising area.

Donny Deutsch acknowledges that he is fortunate to have an advertising company and is also lucky because, despite his youthful obsession with watching television, concerts and sports, the companies he worked during his studies did not lose him, although he did not care enough about business. It is these short jobs that have made Donny Deutsch realize that he does not want to spend his life in economics or accounting, but in creativity and art. Donny Deutsch went to his father and told him, Let me work in a small corner of the company, and let me bring in new customers, and so Donny Deutsch brings client after customer. Instead of taking over his father’s company, he started a new advertising agency within his father’s agency.

Donny Deutsch’s philosophy of work is to attract and recruit talented young people, especially those who are smarter and more brilliant than him, and convince them to work with him within the team. Donny Deutsch is always looking for those who are about to reach the peak of their technical and professional ambitions, not those who have reached the summit already. He confirms that he gives the management position to anyone who wants to become a successful manager, and finds in his eyes the spark of his ability to achieve it. The success he is looking for. Donny Deutsch’s self-motivation model is based on the fact that there is no true real genius, so everything can be achieved, and every great work can be overcome. This naive way, Donny Deutsch said, helped him achieve what he has today.

Why did Donny sell his company (which was achieving 20% ​​annual increase in sales) at the height of its success? Because he wants a high mountain to climb, Donny has become a kiss for the design of an unrivaled television commercial, and his television program has hosted him and the top people, talking about politics and music. He has achieved a great deal of his dreams, and now he has to look for more dreams to achieve and difficulties to overcome.

Donny managed the company from the perspective of a businessman who has the ability to innovate. He asserts that he did not force a customer to accept any advertising or advertising idea he gave him. His work was so creative that it was automatically accepted https://parallelprofitsreviewed.com/ without the need for pressure or controversy. Many companies now rely on dividing their divisions into profit centers that compete with each other, but Donny puts everyone in his company under one roof, combined with one goal, to make a profit collectively.

From Donny’s point of view, success does not depend on who is smart or who is the best; success depends on who says, “Why do not I succeed too? I deserve to succeed.” The skills needed to succeed are necessary but not enough. He succeeds in achieving a sense of hunger, thirst, determination and firm conviction that he is entitled to success. Successful management from Donny’s point of view is the ability to mobilize a group of people and understand their goals deeply and take advantage of their individual skills in establishing an institution and a work environment that leads them to the most desired, achieving your goals.

Without a doubt, there is much to disagree with Donny on the personal and intellectual level, but this does not prevent us from benefiting from some of his practical concepts, such as:

If you stop moving forward, you expose yourself to someone who is behind you … If you stand still so you do not risk anything – you are risking everything.

Do not orbit other planets, but create your own world.

Be strong enough to make others displeased with you.

Good work ethic does not encourage resentment of others, but sometimes you will.