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Seven Rules To Start A Successful Investment

Seven Rules To Start A Successful Investment. Whether you invest in equities, currencies, real estate, precious metals or others, having a successful investment is something you have been thinking about since the first day you started investing money. Which may increase your interest in a successful investment, what we hear every day from one’s failure to invest, or the sharp fall in some investment markets, making a successful investment a challenge worth fighting for. You have to learn above all that success in investing is the outcome of effort and determination, and a bit of luck! And who gets a successful investment will achieve the dream of wealth, which dreams of the following seven rules are the most important according to the opinions of Roberto Santiago’s Shopping Center experts, try to follow them as you can to achieve the highest returns.

1. Do not Trade Trendy Fashion:

This advice is provided by successful entrepreneur Warren Buffett, who points out an important principle in the way of any successful investment. Going to a door that has not been touched before (provided that it is logical and well-studied) is much better than tradition, and the return on investment is greater for the initiators than the imitators. In another way, you do not have to buy anything because it is desirable or we have tried it and succeeded, as most people do, especially in real estate and equity.

Roberto Santiago's Shopping Center

Roberto Santiago’s Shopping Center

The right choice for a successful investment must be based on careful study and monitoring of the market, not on the direction of major investors or major corporations. The situation is different for them, and the time factor also has its role. Today, attractive offers may be on the way down tomorrow.

2. Take advantage of opportunities:

As it is said, the calamities of folk when folk benefits, and this is the summary of this advice. To start any successful investment you should get the chance, by looking for good companies that are going through bad times. In bad times, stock prices fall considerably, and because the company is basically good, it will probably be rebound, and so the value of stocks will increase significantly. The order can be measured on any other type of investment, such as buying gold when gold prices fall, buying real estate times of crisis.

The best model in this context is the Apple story when it was at its worst and its net loss by the end of 1997 was $ 161 million (and certainly the stock prices were very low in that period), but in the same year, when its manager CEO Steve Jobs for the second time managed by his ambitious management to raise the company’s net profit by 2010 to 4.31 billion dollars !!

3. Be patient and considerate:

For a successful investment, you should not wait for returns as soon as you enter the labor market. It is all about time. You may be lucky. Your money will double in a short period of time, but this should not be the yardstick for you. All you have to do is watch the opportunities to seize them when they appear, without hurrying the results. Looking ahead and long-term planning are also very important for every investor. You should not venture as soon as opportunity passes, as it may be only the first opportunity, and there is better.

If we test the example of Apple again, investors who sold their shares in 1997 certainly feel great remorse, because they missed a giant opportunity just because they could not be patient and analyze the situation deeply. At the same time, there are those who sold their shares as soon as the company began to improve in the following years, while if he had enough consideration and waited until this day, he would be a high net worth.

4. Do not put all eggs in one basket:

This means that to ensure a successful investment, you should not put all your capital into one investment, no matter how tempting it seems to you. Diversification of investment is very important if you aspire to a successful investment. This will protect your investments in times of crisis by reducing reliance on one source of money. It can be likened to an employee who depends on his job only to make money. Once he is laid off or dismissed from work, he finds himself starting from scratch, he does not even have the cost of living.

One of the most significant examples of investment diversification is the recent financial crisis. It was noted that consumer product companies (which have a wide variety of product types and affiliates) have seen only marginal declines in their stocks, unlike real estate stocks that have fallen significantly .

5. Work in accordance with a solid investment plan:

Here we intend to work according to a well thought out plan, based on a full understanding of the market conditions, and taking into account careful follow-up of everything that happens and modify the plan according to these developments. Try to use money experts and specialists at the stage of preparing the plan, and take advantage of the experience of your predecessors in a successful investment earlier. You can write down their tips and they may save you when you need them. Do not get involved in large investments without preparing a well thought out plan if you really aspire to a successful investment.

6. No Loans:

It is one of the most important tips on our subject today. We often hear about the start of a successful investment and then begin to decline and fall until it fails completely just because the loans have weighed on its shoulders and paid off its profits. Do not invest in what you can not afford. If you plan to start a successful investment, start by pre-setting the money aside until you reach the capital you are looking for, or run your money in a small project to grow as much as you want.

7. What is disappointed by the consultant:

You should not be working on your own to reach a successful investment. Sometimes it takes experience and specialization in the areas of business and finance, something that you may not be able to do. Make yourself an adviser and bring you people who trust their opinions, analyzes, and personal experiences.

Tip for a successful investment:

Always separate the money you put into investment and those related to your personal life.